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Davao City

Ruel Aguilar Photo as an SEO Specialist in Davao City, Philippines

Hello, I’m Ruel Aguilar  from Davao City, an SEO Specialist in the Philippines and I can help you rank your website, I create results that actually matter by providing comprehensive solutions that are targeted to your particular needs. Discover how my tried-and-true digital marketing techniques can help your company now!


In a competitive world,  we don't just settle to rise and to be recognized, we dominate!

About me

My name is Ruel G. Aguilar, and I’m SEO Specialist from Davao City, Philippines. I can help optimize your website and raise its ranking in search engine results, thanks to my in-depth understanding and experience with SEO tactics.

Several of the top SEO tools I used and expert with

Receive high-quality search engine optimization (SEO) services provided by a skilled professional from the Philippines.

Throughout the process, I prioritize transparency and my knowledge, ensuring you have all the information and insights necessary to thrive in the highly competitive world of SEO. By working together, you can expect improved conversion rates, increased organic traffic, higher search engine rankings, and a stronger online presence. Count on my expertise to help you achieve your business goals.

Let’s harness the power of effective SEO strategies and propel your business forward. 

Keyword Research

Thorough investigation is conducted to identify the keywords that hold utmost relevance to your enterprise and are actively sought after in online searches.

Site Audit

A comprehensive scrutiny is carried out to detect potential problems that may have an impact on the usability, efficiency, and overall effectiveness of a website.

Data Benchmarking

analyzing data from various sources to evaluate performance, identify areas for improvement, and set goals based on industry standards or best practices.

Analytics and Reporting

In-depth analysis and generate comprehensive reports to assess website performance and user interactions. Enhancing their marketing strategies.

Page Optimization

Consistently demonstrating expertise in optimizing various elements and enhancing overall performance, visibility, and user experience.

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"I can't express how grateful I am to have Ruel Aguilar as my SEO Specialist. As a result, his expertise and dedication have truly transformed my online presence. Thanks to his outstanding work, my website's ranking has soared to new heights."
"Thanks to Ruel's efforts, my business has experienced substantial growth and gained a stronger foothold in the digital landscape. Therefore, I highly recommend Ruel Aguilar to anyone looking for exceptional SEO services. He is truly a game-changer!"
"I hired Ruel for 4 months as a SEO Specialist/Virtual Assistant. He was enthusiastic and keen to learn. He was well versed in SEO and using WordPress with a good command of spoken and written English. During his time he managed social media, Facebook group management and Instagram, using Google Analytics, photo and video editing as well as providing SEO services. "

Let’s Work Together!

"With my SEO expertise and collaborative approach, let's work together to achieve higher search engine rankings, improve your online presence, increasing its visibility and driving organic traffic to your business."