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One of the SEO Expert in the Philippines


I possess a comprehensive knowledge of the tools and strategies required to enhance your website’s ranking. I approach my work with unwavering passion and commitment, constantly staying side by side with the newest developments in the field. My ultimate goal is to assist my clients in achieving online success.

About me SEO Specialist in the Philippines Ruel Aguilar, Founder of Web Optimum Solution

My Mission

To provide targeted and impactful SEO strategies that will boost organic traffic, improve website rankings, and enhance online presence.

My Vision

To establish a prominent reputation as a top-notch SEO expert, delivering exceptional outcomes for clients across diverse industries through the provision of premium services.

My Core Values


Ensuring that the content, keywords, and optimization techniques used align with the intent and interests of the target audience.

User Experience

Prioritizing the overall user experience by creating websites that are user-friendly, fast-loading, and easily navigable.

Quality Content

Emphasizing the creation of high-quality, informative, and valuable content that satisfies user queries and provides meaningful information.

Ethical Practices

Adhering to ethical guidelines and following search engine rules and policies, avoiding any black-hat tactics that can lead to penalties or deindexing.

Continuous Improvement

Recognizing that SEO is an ongoing process, constantly monitoring, analyzing, and adapting strategies to improve performance and stay ahead of competition.

Measurable Results

Focusing on measurable outcomes and data-driven insights to assess the effectiveness of SEO efforts and drive continuous optimization.

About me SEO Specialist in the Philippines Ruel Aguilar, Founder of Web Optimum Solution

My Work Experience

I started my professional journey as a Marketing Sales Representative at Promo Exchange Inc. from August to December 2009. During my time as a Marketing Sales Representative at Promo Exchange Inc., my primary responsibility was to effectively promote and sell various products and services to potential customers. This involved utilizing my sales expertise to connect with clients and convey the unique value propositions of our offerings. Following this experience, I further honed my skills in sales and marketing when I joined a Marketing Advertising and Services Agency for the months of June and July 2013. This opportunity allowed me to expand my knowledge and refine my strategies in reaching out to customers and effectively communicating the benefits of our client’s products and services.

From October to December 2013, I took on the role of a Data Entry Specialist at Loudevino S. De Ala Services. During this period, I focused on entering and managing data accurately and efficiently. Following that, I worked as a Janitor at Nobelin Janitorial and Allied Services from March to December 2014, where I maintained cleanliness and hygiene in the assigned areas.


In January to April 2015, I worked as a Call Center Agent at Six Eleven Global Services. This role involved handling customer inquiries and providing support over the phone. Later in November to December 2016, I took up a seasonal position as a Stockman at Gaisano Mall of Davao, where I managed inventory and ensured stock availability during the busy holiday season.

From January to November 2017, I served as a Sales Associate at Gaisano Mall of Davao, where I assisted customers, handled sales transactions, and maintained a positive shopping experience for patrons. Following that, I joined Tricom Dynamics Inc. as an Inventory Manager from January 2018 to July 2019. In this position, I oversaw inventory operations, including tracking stock levels, managing orders, and optimizing inventory systems.

 Starting from August 2019 to October 2021, I pursued a career as an Online English Teacher at 51talk. During this time, I taught English to students in an online setting, focusing on language proficiency and communication skills. Finally, from December 2021 to December 2022, I worked as a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant at Outsourced Doers, where I supported digital marketing initiatives, managed social media platforms, and assisted/performed SEO with various tasks to enhance online presence and engagement.

Throughout my work experience, I have developed strong skills in email support, managing social media, data management, inventory control, on/off page optimization, data benchmarking, keyword research, digital marketing and many more. These diverse roles have equipped me with valuable insights and a well-rounded skill set to excel in various professional environments.

About me SEO Specialist in the Philippines Ruel Aguilar, Founder of Web Optimum Solution
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SEO Specialist in the Philippines Ruel Aguilar, Founder of Web Optimum Solution

As an SEO Specialist in Davao City, I have successfully helped numerous clients improve their search engine rankings and drive organic traffic to their websites through targeted SEO initiatives. I have developed a deep understanding of SEO techniques, tools, and strategies, enabling me to deliver impactful results and contribute to the online success of various businesses.